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Merrimans' Playhouse

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Merrimans' Playhouse
Jazz Performance Series

(scheduling is an ongoing process)

Performances begin at 8:00 pm EST

TICKET Information:
Prices as listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Touring Artists: $10-$20 General/$8-10 Student

Buy Tickets early; we have limited seating.

Merrimans' Playhouse
"Other Events"

Jazz Open Session
(Straight Ahead Jazz)
Hosted by The Merrimans
featuring the
Merrimans' Play-House Players

Stephen and Mary Merriman at Merrimans' Playhouse

It's open to the public. Listen. Play.
Woodshed. Discuss.
Based on Jazz Standards.
It's a Learning Environment.
Bring your Instrument, your Ears, your Friends. Egos stay at the door.
Every Tuesday
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

(doors open at 7:30)
$5 suggested donation


All ages shows.
available at The Farmer's Market lot.
Light Refreshments available. Donations appreciated.
You may bring your own refreshments.

Check out the Artists from Previous Seasons

2015 Season

Renato Anesi
Friday, Jan. 16

The Rob Clearfield Trio
Thursday, Feb. 5

Stephane Wrembel and His Band
Wednesday, Feb. 11

Paul Dietrich Quintet
Wednesday, Feb. 18

Michael Musillami Trio
Saturday, March 7

Sun Speak
Thursday, March 12

Ben Goldberg Trio (Invisible Guy)
Tuesday, March 17

Ishmael Ali's Zebec
Tuesday, March 24

Artie Black Quartet
Wednesday, April 1

Roy McGrath Quartet
Friday, April 10

Tuesday, April 21

Naked Dance
Friday, May 1

Greg Uhlmann Trio
Friday, May 8

Gustavo Cortiñas -
Snapshot Collective

Wednesday, May 20

The New Samuel Mösching Trio
Friday, May 29

Twin Talk
Saturday, June 13

Victor & Penny and Their
Loose Change Orchestra

Wednesday, June 17

Heritage Quintet
Wednesday, July 1

Jacob Teichroew Quartet
Thursday, July 9

Ray Parker Quartet
Wednesday, July 15

Chris Greene Quartet
Sunday, July 19

Katie Ernst - "Little Words"
Friday, July 31

George DeLancey Group
Friday, August 7

Tia Imani Hanna Project
Saturday, Aug. 15

Goran Ivanovic Trio Featuring
Cellist Ian Maksin

Wednesday, Aug. 19

Stephen Lynerd Quartet
Friday, Aug. 28

Alyssa Allgood Trio
Wednesday, Sept. 2

Thursday, Sept. 10

Andy Pratt Trio
Saturday, Sept. 12

Tuesday, Sept. 22

Friday, Sept. 25

Adam Smale
Friday, Oct. 2

Hanging Hearts
Friday, October 9

Talking Ear
Thursday, Oct. 15

The Elaine Dame Trio
Thursday, October 22

Zebec Playing the "Call of Cthulhu"
Silent Film with Live Music

Friday, October 30

Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters Quartet
Thursday, Nov. 5

Matt Ulery Trio w/ Zach Brock

Wednesday, Nov. 11

Michael Malis Trio
Saturday, Nov. 14

Keigo Hirakawa Trio
Friday, Nov. 20

Fred Knapp Trio
Friday, Dec. 4

Geof Bradfield Quintet
Thursday, Dec. 10


2014 Schedule

Sweet Talk
January 31

Rob Clearfield Quintet
February 6

Benje Daneman Quartet
February 21

Steven Hobert
March 4

Goran Ivanovic Trio
March 12

Adam Smale Quartet
March 28

April 3

Victor & Penny and their
Loose Change Orchestra

April 9

Chris Greene Quartet
April 13

Danny Fox Trio
May 1

Shawn Maxwell Group
May 8

Courageous Endeavors
May 14

New West Guitar Group
May 18

Dan Meinhardt Quartet
June 4

The New Samuel Mösching Trio
June 19

Daniel Torres Ensamble
June 21

Manuel Valera
June 24

Clif Wallace Quartet
July 6

Gene Knific Trio
July 12

Renato Anesi
July 16

River Song Quintet
July 22

Team Players
Liver Quiver

July 25

Goran Ivanovic Trio
August 6

Aug 14

Hearts and Minds
Aug 22

Gustavo Cortiñas - Snapshot
Aug 27

Ben Schmidt-Swartz Nelson Oliva Group
Aug 29

Sept. 13

Rhythm Future Quartet
Sept. 16

Thollem's Myriads
Sept. 30

Oct. 2

Hanging Hearts
Oct. 17

Matt Ulery - In The Ivory
Oct. 23

Roy McGrath Quartet
Oct. 30

Nov. 5

Jeremy Siskind Michigan Trio
Nov. 12

The Spin Quartet
Nov. 14

The Larry Brown Group
Nov. 20

Ashley Daneman Band
Dec. 2

Bell Dance Songs
Dec. 12

Victor & Penny
Dec. 19

2013 Schedule

January 12

Stephane Wrembel and His Band
2013 Tour

February 13

Michael Musillami Trio w/ Russ Johnson
February 17

Danny Fox Trio
March 15

Victor & Penny
March 20

Thollem McDonas
April 2

Sweet Talk
April 18

April 27

Jonah Parzen-Johnson
Steven Lugerner

May 4

May 20

May 25

Victor & Penny
July 12

Montana Skies
August 8

Old Time Musketry
August 11

Kat Calvosa Quartet
August 29

LuLu's Playground
September 12

September 14

Steven Lugerner Quartet
October 13

November 8

November 13

J.J. Wright Group
November 19

Jonah Parzen-Johnson
November 22

The Merrimans with Steve Talaga
December 4

The Larry Brown Group
December 14

2012 Schedule

Loom (Matt Ulery's Trio)
July 15

July 22

Fatum Brothers' Peacetet
August 17

Dave Easley

September 2

Pearlman Duet
September 4

Sons of Daughters
September 11

Rob Clearfield
October 5

J.J. Wright Group
October 21

Jonah Parzen-Johnson
November 16




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